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What to check before I dispute a transaction?

Please note you are unable to file a dispute for pending transactions, you must wait for transactions to post to file a dispute.

  • Pending transactions occur when a payment has been authorized but hasn't been completed.
  • A pending transaction will affect the amount of credit or funds you have available.
  • Canceling a pending transaction usually requires contacting the merchant who made the charge.
  • Once a pending transaction has posted, you may contact us to dispute it.

If you notice an unauthorized charge on your account, please consider the details of the transaction before you file a dispute.

  • Some merchants and online retailers appear under different names than where you made the purchase.
  • A quick internet search of the merchant's name, while also comparing the transaction time and amount, may reveal the transaction is accurate.
  • If you made the transaction but believe it posted differently than what you expected, contacting the merchant directly may quickly resolve the issue.

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